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SEO for Web Development Websites

When it comes to having a web development business, you need a way to further promote the services you are able to provide for people that are asking for it. But the web development world is tied to one specific thing you can certainly guess. Yes, with the internet. The web development industry would not […]


SEO Pricing: How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

If you are looking for quality SEO services you might be thinking about how much they cost. An average SEO service agency can cost $500-$10,000 per month. A six-month contract with SEO services included is common also. They range from $5000-$40,000. If you are in need of SEO consultants you can get one with an […]


How to Update Your Search Results Snippets?

Table of ContentsWhat is a Snippet in Google?How the search snippets are generated by Google?How to write a Meta description following Google’s recommendation?How to write a title following Google’s recommendations?Update the search snippets of your websiteWays to improve your search snippets1. Find competitor snippets using SEMrush2. Think like your audience3. Do keyword research4. Remember to […]


How Page Speed Affects SEO & Google Rankings?

Many web owners are questioning if page speed affects SEO and Google rankings. With the advancement of the Internet, Google is updated and made it important for every website to have a good page speed to rank up. Table of ContentsWhat is Page Speed?How to check Page Speed of your website?In many cases page speed […]


How Changing Domain Name Affects SEO?

As you develop as a website owner you may find out that the domain name you have chosen in the past might not really fit your needs anymore. Either you have switched to a different business, chosen a different niche, or if there is a more profitable domain out there that you want. These are […]

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4 Best SEO Courses for Beginners

Since you are reading this it means that you probably know how important search engine optimization is in the marketing of your website. Do you need an SEO strategy that’s going to get your website ranking and is going to get organic traffic? If you read about SEO, most articles will tell you how great […]