digital marketing vs traditional adverising

The Difference Between Digital Marketing & Traditional Advertising

The internet is becoming one of the most used tools when it comes to purchasing goods and services. This is because it is a fast and convenient way for a business to connect with the customer. This connection is all thanks to digital marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing vs traditional marketing, most businesses have it tough to choose. Every business needs some kind of advertisement to connect with new costumers, but what most fail to understand is what is best for them.

Every business should have some sort of budget on advertising themselves. Investing in the advertisement is always a good thing, but making the right choice in the right kind of advertisement will make your business flourish.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Advertising


What is Traditional Advertisement?

The first TV advertisement aired in 1941, ever since then ads have not stopped popping up everywhere. Businesses found this kind of strategy to work so well they continued to invest in it. For about 75 years TVs, radios and magazines had been the best way to advertise a certain company to a semi-interested group of people.

Last year, about 38.5% of the total expenses of the media were spent only on the advertisement. That is around 72 billion dollars in only one year! The traditional advertisement is differently known as an offline advertising method which includes five categories:

  • Outdoor ads (fliers, billboards)
  • Direct mail (postcards, catalogs)
  • Broadcast (radio, TV)
  • Print (magazines, newspaper)
  • Phone (SMS marketing, telemarketing)

Although traditional advertisement has improved drastically to attract more customers, it has the same intention as when it was first created. It relies on the four well-known P’s which are:


Place: This kind of traditional marketing strategy strongly relies on finding the right time and place to introduce your product to a targeted audience. When placing an ad in a perfect location (where it best catches the eye and persuades a targeted costumer) your ROI increases significantly.

Product: Studying the kind of product you sell is the best way to profit out of it. When selling a product, you need to understand what problem will it solve for the purchaser and how in-demand it is.

Promotion: This is the way your business or product is promoted and how it reaches potential customers. Promotion is simply the type of strategy you use to get you noticed. Whether it is an Instagram campaign or a TV commercial.

Price: The price of the product you are selling should be well studied by your side. Its price depends on the demand it has, the profit you make out of it, the type of product and more.

What are the cons of traditional marketing?

This kind of marketing strategy is and will remain to be effective. But it has its downsides for you to keep in mind.

  1. You do not have good campaign measurements
  2. You cannot reveal full pricing information
  3. Inability to update easily after releasing the ad
  4. Restricted customization options
  5. Costs a lot of money

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a sweeping term that comprises digital channels, for example, content marketing, website design enhancement, email marketing, web-based marketing, versatile marketing, and more to make expand techniques to reach and interface with possibilities and clients.

digital marketing

A normal client expends content utilizing the TV, PC, tablet, cell phone, radio, and other conventional media. This consistent introduction to different kinds of media has prompted data over-burden, further confounding the purchaser’s trip. Digital marketing has permitted brands to remain significant by making themselves noticeable through various channels and touchpoints.

Aside from traditional marketing stations, for example, TV, papers, boards, etc., advertisers utilize these digital channels to control prospects through their buyers and stay in contact with their current clients.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing joins the best of inbound and outbound marketing, i.e., push and pull methodologies. Here are three key advantages of utilizing digital marketing for business development:

  1. Refine in a hurry

There’s no space for course revision with regards to customary marketing. When your promotion is imprinted in the paper, it is out. With digital marketing, you can change things whenever you like to.

If you see a specific advertisement duplicate not bringing the outcomes, you can change it or you can re-apportion the financial backing as indicated by what’s going on at that point. This adaptability guarantees that your digital marketing activities are constantly overseen effectively.

  1. Advanced Focusing

Conventional media follows the mass’s bombarding approach, in which everybody gets a similar message. Present-day marketing roads permit you to change the message dependent upon the crowd persona.

Digital marketing channels permit you to focus on your optimal purchasers decisively. Digital marketing likewise permits your optimal purchasers to discover you. Through substance marketing and website optimization activities, a possibility will enter an inquiry in an internet searcher to discover you.

With digital publicizing, you can target clients dependent on their sex, age, interests, area, psychographics, and so on. You can focus on as much as you need, or you can keep it differing and focus on a bigger gathering, relying upon your objectives.

  1. Measurement

At the point when you dispatch a marketing effort through conventional methods, it’s difficult to measure its effect, except if you’re giving a type of coupon code, which will be reflected in the marketing projections. Then again, pick any digital marketing road, and you’ll get a refined investigation ability.

You can gauge the effect through impressions, snaps, traffic, and deals. Contingent upon the attribution model you’ve actualized, you can likewise see how each touchpoint has added to the deals. This measurement permits advertisers to comprehend what’s working and fix what’s not working.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: What Do the Statistics Say?

Digital marketing is growing at a rapid speed. This is because the internet is becoming one of the most used places for people to complete daily activities. This means that you can easily find interested people willing to buy your product /services.

To make matters clearer last year the total amount spent on digital marketing was 77 billion dollars, approximately 5 billion more than the traditional advertisement. These are some of the statistics to show how rapidly digital marketing is growing:

  • 60% of Americans over the age of 18 use Facebook daily
  • More than 90% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn as a way to advertise
  • Mobile ads will be accounting for 70% of the total digital ad spend this year
  • 80% of potential customers do their research on a product or service before actually purchasing it.
  • 90% of businesses admit that social media marketing is a more effective method to increase revenue

What should we use: Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing?

We think that we have persuaded you with information and the fact that digital marketing is certainly the best approach to promote as an independent venture. If you have just attempted traditional marketing previously and have not seen the quick development results you needed, the right thing to do is to give digital marketing a shot. There are a little risk and incredible success behind it. That is not a combo you see regularly in the business world.

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