How to Update Your Search Results Snippets?

What is a Snippet in Google?

A Google search snippet is a description and title of a content combined. A snippet also includes other information that has to do with the webpage. Search snippets are important for users. It makes it possible for users to have it easier to decide on which results to click on when they are searching for something on the Internet.

Rather than the Meta description and the title, a snippet has:

  • The cost of a product.
  • If the product is in stock. 
  • The Founder of the page. 
  • The time the page was published

featured snippet example

How the search snippets are generated by Google?

Google has to generate all the snippets you see in the search results. The snippets tend to explain the content of a page shortly to clarify search engine users what the content talks about before the users even tend to click on it. Some pages even have Snippets showing depending on what the user searches for.

Since a snippet is a meta description and a title combined and is also linked to making the search engine users experience more pleasing, you should make sure to make both of these features according to Google’s recommendation. This part is important in order to get your website views by users. 

How to write a Meta description following Google’s recommendation?

The description is a relevant summary that is explained in a short manner of what the page talks about. Even though there is no limit to how long you can make a meta description, it is best for you to make it short and include the most important keywords there.

The description should be eye-catching to the user for them to click on it. Also, it is important that it matches up with what information you have on the page. On average word count for a Meta description is about 50 words. 

How to write a title following Google’s recommendations?

When writing titles you should keep in mind that it’s very important to use unique titles four every page. If you use extensive synonyms or repeat a word this can impact you negatively. This is because you can appear as spammy to searchers and to Google itself.

That is why it is important to use terms that are descriptive in titles without being too repetitive. The most important thing of all is to avoid simple titles like ‘Service’ for service page. Use something unique to catch the user’s eye but avoid being too long on your titles as they can be truncated in the search results. 

Update the search snippets of your website

If you are using a content management system such as WordPress then updating your search snippets is an easy procedure. The first step you should take when updating your search snippet is to install basic SEO plug-ins.

After instalment, you shoot click on the plug-in and go on the feature that sends you to add the search snippets. You can install the Yoast SEO plugin for example. After doing so adding search result snippets for your articles and posts will be done in a quick manner.

While writing a post you can just scroll to the down section of the plug-in and see the edit snippet feature. Click on it and you get a blank space to write your snippet. You cannot write an unlimited amount of words. Fill the blank column with the text until it turns green.

This is the easiest way to update the search snippets of your website.

Ways to improve your search snippets

1. Find competitor snippets using SEMrush

Even though SEMrush is used basically for analytics it can be also used to find the snippets your other competitors are using. Another thing it is used for as a tool is to find out what snippets you are ranking for at the moment. To find this out you can go through a normal domain search and click on organic research feature.

After finding out what snippets your competitors are using you can go ahead and optimize your search snippets following a similar order and using similar keywords that work out. But also don’t forget to include other trending keywords that can help you get even more clicks on your website.

2. Think like your audience

The best way to find snippets that will turn out to be successful is by thinking like your audience. Always ask one question in your mind. And that is “what are people asking for on search results and how can I answer them the simplest way possible?”

think like your audience

For example, let’s take an individual that is searching for a way to learn web development. Since he is a beginner he doesn’t know many terms about web development. So you as a website owner should understand to provide easy and understandable terms when writing search snippets.

3. Do keyword research

By now you have me understood that search snippets for your website need to have some good and trending keywords in order to be ranked by Google. You can do this by using two or a few keyword research tools that help you find the best keywords that are trending for the moment based on the topic you are talking about. 

If you are looking for keyword research services, feel free to contact us.

4. Remember to answer the most important questions

When users ask a question on Google search engines they will usually want to find the shortest and most understandable answer to it. It is revealed that when a page gets a featured snippet it has a bigger possibility to be featured in other queries that are related to it.

This is the main reason why you also need to not only give the best and simple answer in your search snippet but also make your article informative in order to answer as many things as possible related to the topic you are talking about. 


Search snippets are not really mentioned as much as other features are when it comes to making your website generate more traffic. It is an easy and efficient way to catch the eye of users and make them click on your page.

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