4 Ways SEO and Web Design Go Together

When you are trying to build your own website it’s very important to know some factors that work simultaneously together. We are talking about SEO and Web Design. Usually, people tend to give attention only to one factor and forget the rest. But giving importance to only one thing and neglecting the other might be the cause that your website is not being discovered enough.

Besides SEO and marketing, there are other things to be considered that are equally important for the success of your website. If you want your website to do better in the search engine results page you need more than SEO. You need a website that is well designed that looks unique and can bring organic traffic.

This is where web design and SEO work together. A lot of people don’t realize how important it is for these two components to be combined. If you put them to work together in the right way the results you’re going to get are going to be astounding. Your visitors seem much more than you’re content. SEO does part of the job by making sure that your visitors find you through the keyword that you’re putting. They find value in the content that you have published but they are also searching for a uniquely designed website that looks appealing to them.

How do SEO and Web Design work together?


1. Mobile friendly

If you’re familiar with SEO you already know how important it is to have a website that is mobile-friendly. It is crucial for ranking and it is crucial for search engines such as Google. Because it’s about 80% of Internet users nowadays navigate through their mobile phones. In 2015 Google decided that mobile-friendliness is a ranking component.

Then two years later mobile ranking was important for indexing. You can publish a lot of content and put a lot of keywords and a lot of hyperlinks and a lot of backlinks and a lot of anchor text, but if it’s not styled in a way that the mobile user has it comfortable to navigate in your website then your bounce rate is going to go through the roof and you’re going to you lose your position on the search engine result page.

More then 50% of the traffic that is going to come to your website it’s going to be mobile users. By not designing a website that is mobile-friendly you’re going to just make it hard for them to navigate your website. This is the first step where SEO and web design go hand-in-hand.

2. Design simple to read

If you’re the kind of person that you spend a lot of time optimizing the SEO of your website, chances are that you have totally forgotten about the design. You can create content, you can write beautiful, valuable articles, you can add images and everything, but if what you’re posting it’s hard to read because of the design then you might as well delete it all. A website with a poor design makes it hard for users to read what they came to read. You probably have stumbled across a design that makes it hard to read yourself. You’re trying to scroll down and the text was stuck. Or something that really pisses me off is when an advertisement pops up above the text and doesn’t scroll away.

The font’s also really important. The size of the text is important and the color of the text is important. You need white space, you need line breakings, and do you need images please in the right positions. You need a kind of format that is going to catch people’s attention and he’s only done by combining SEO and web design.

3. The speed of your website


If momentarily you have a slow website do you know what’s causing it? It probably has to do with the way your website was designed. Website loading speed comes really close to SEO. In fact, it’s yet another component according to Google that is going to rank you up. If right now your ranking sucks it’s probably because your website loads too slowly and people bounce off it like they are rubber balls. If it takes more than three seconds per page to load, the user is going to abandon it in less than one. This can be fixed by hiring a good or great web designer that can format the website in such a way to increase the loading speed and not ruin your perfect SEO.

4. Credibility

SEO is great for a lot of things. But one thing that SEO cannot predict is the credibility of the website. It’s something that this tool just cannot do on its own. Imagine a website with only text. No images whatsoever, no structure, no format, and tell me how credible do you think that website looks to you? Chances are that you’re going to bounce off that website in less than a second. That website can have great content but it lacks good design. Remember great content plus great web design equals organic traffic.

You never see a professional website that doesn’t load on the phone. Or you never see a successful website that will have a confusing format. It’s all about credibility which then increases user experience. The better the user experience the higher your ranking. You might have a great product, you might have a great service, but if you don’t have a great way to market it then you are going to fail.


SEO can be fantastic when it’s combined with web design. Alone this tool is useless. And the same is true for web design. You can have a website that looks like no other but if you like search engine optimization then your great-looking website is never going to be found. So keep in mind what we talked about above. Remember that combining these tools together you can make your website thrive. However, use only one of them and forget the other and watch the website fall down. It doesn’t take much to improve your website design, just hire an expert.

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