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SEO for Web Design Websites

If you are a web designer and are thinking to go further with your skill then you need a website. If you have already opened it or thinking about it you need to understand that it has in-depth complicity when it comes to managing it.

But no need to get scared, you have a big benefit right behind you. And that is the ability to design your website as eye-catching as you desire. That is one primary step to success as web designing is a crucial SEO factor.

But to support web design, you need to know SEO for web design websites as it will open the path for your business to become a success. We will be discussing the main factors of what SEO has to offer and how you can come up with a strategy to gain costumers.

seo for web design websites

What You Already Know And How It Can Benefit SEO?

You might already have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to opening a website and also you can even be able to maintain it. A usual web designer has some decent knowledge on:

  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Analytical skills
  • Responsive design
  • SEO

All of these are some basic factors to boost up your website faster than most people. This makes you kind of lucky if you think about it. But there might be more things that need to complete your knowledge of SEO for web design website. We will stretch out what you already know and what you have not entirely.

URL of your site

When creating an URL for your web design website it needs to be memorable and relevant. You cannot just call a URL It does not make any sense and can open up problems in the future. Find URLs that explain what you are all about.

Another important thing to keep in mind is making it as memorable and short as possible. You want users to remember your page at one time’s view. For example, if you set an URL to be then the user will not remember it as it looks too complicated. You can use an URL such as This will be less complicated for users.

It is best if you place a good keyword for your URL if necessary. Although, avoid adding them all the time and over-placing keywords as that could affect you negatively also.

Keyword Research and LSI

Most people out there do not understand how to properly find keywords for website optimization. You need to understand that using one to five keywords on your content and mentioning them 30 times will not give your web design website any props. It actually will decrease your chances of getting viewed by users.

The proper way to use keywords is to first research them wisely. Depending on what your next topic is you need to find the most searched keywords out there. The way you can do this is only by using keyword tools. They will give you a list of the best keywords you can use depending on the topic you need to write about.

Depending on the number of words you decided to use and the word count of your content, there is a certain recommendation on how to use them. A good amount of keywords to use are 25-75. That might seem like a lot but it will increase ranking. Per 2000 words you need to use each keyword an average of 3-4 times.

But you can also use 5-10 keywords for your content. Per 2000 words it is recommended to use each one of them 7-10 times. Finding a reasonable place to put keywords is also important. You can’t just make it super obvious that the keywords are there just because you want to rank.

lsi keywords

LSI is another thing that can help crawlers understand your web design website better. They are completing words that can adapt to your keywords. For an instant, if you use the keyword “web designer” words like cost, salary, courses, tutorial, tips are great LSI words. You can find LSI words on google search. Just add your keyword and the suggested words in bold that appear in your search are LSI words.

The Website’s Speed

The thing about website speed is simple. If you have slow loading speed users lose interest, if you have fast loading speed you will get views. Factors that determine your site’s speed revolves mostly on the images you put on them. Try images that do not take too much time to load.

Other than that you can try google PageSpeed insights. It will give you the data you need it to determine if your site loading speed is fast or slow. It will additionally tell you what to adjust if your site is having problems.

The Optimization of Content

If you are opening a web design website you need to be careful about what you post about. You cannot just post about how good you are at what you do and what a good idea it is for users to buy your services. Content needs to be useful to the users. Make sure you give out informational content revolving around web design. This will make users interested in your content and give your services a shot.

Headings/ Titles/ Meta Descriptions

To create quality content the most important factor is to divide your content by headings titles. Users sometimes are not interested in reading the whole article. Most of them just take a quick look at the article and find out what information they need most.

title and meta description tags

The way to make your content more desirable by users is to divide them into bodies. Put titles and subtitles in your content and add the appropriate heading to them. Make sure the title has different relevant keywords. This will make it easier for web crawlers to understand what your content talks about and your readers also.

It is a wise idea to add a good Meta description and search results snippet to your content. This will increase the chances for your content to rank high in a search engine. On the meta-description, you’re going to add 2 to 3 sentences of what the content you wrote talks about. It is important to add as many important keywords in the meta-description.

While the search results snippets are in use for something else. They are available for you to add the most simplified and explained question about the topic you have written. It is mostly written in bullet points to make the user understand what your content is all about.

Adding links

No matter how much the quality of the content is if you don’t associate links in it will not have the desired success. That’s the reason why you need to have a knowledge of SEO for web design websites, especially On-page SEO. Links and content are like rubber ducks and water in a bathtub. The more you add water the more the rubber ducks will enter the surface. It is the same with content also. The more you add links the more the content will appear on the surface of search engines. It is advisable to add links that match up with your keywords and the topic you have chosen and have to do mostly with web design.

Include Images

To make your web design site look alluring you ought to incorporate videos and images to boost up the user’s interest. If you need potential customers for your web design site, you have to include more photographs and videos.


The primary thing after the principal space you have to do is to request that your past client help you to compose a tribute. Individuals consistently want to employ those organizations that are all around rumored, if they are suggested by any other people and have left good reviews, more people are significant in giving your web design services a chance.

You have to include these tributes and surveys to your page with the goal that individuals read it soon after they approach your site.

Blog About Your Projects

At the point when we talk about web-based showcasing methodology, the significant component is known as content advertising. It is considered as the most ideal approach to advance your business.

Remember to refresh your blog each week with great content, alongside one of a kind, new, and unique content that must have the equivalent images of your past web design project.


There is much more to SEO than the basics. Although starting from the basics will help you start your web design website as fast as possible. The more you grow your website the more you are going to understand more about how SEO works.

The only thing that matters is patience because SEO success does not come in one day; you can wait for months or even years for it to show results. All in all, using a good SEO strategy will make it possible for you to grow your web design business and succeed. Do not forget that the road for a website to succeed is long, but if you don’t give up it will be assured.

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