7 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

If you are a website owner then you know well that SEO is an important factor that indicates if your website is going to be successful or not.

Website success is determined by how many views it gets and also how it is ranking on search engines. SEO has a wide range of things you have to optimize like content for desktop visitors, mobile swipe, voice search, social media followers and more.

Making sure everything is going well and is optimized is very hard, and if you are a beginner when it comes to SEO then managing it all seems nearly impossible. But do not worry. Patience and determination will lead you to the right path.

Another important thing is to avoid making basic mistakes when it comes to optimizing your website. That is why we have listed the top SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020.

Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2020


1. Not Consulting Paid Media

What SEO focuses on is nurturing organic leads. While paid media focuses on converting leads. By using them together you can make it simpler towards targeting more customers. To reach his goal you have to use constant keywords and promote a product page many times. This is the first SEO mistake you should avoid.

2. Not Putting Importance In Content Marketing

Content marketing is very important when it comes to ranking your page high or whether you want your page to maintain the ranking it has. SEO strategies do not make sure any of these two actions are possible without the help of content marketing.

You can make the most quality content out there, including backlinks, and use as many relevant keywords as possible and you still cannot reach the desired success for your website. This is because Google algorithms update frequently.

So even if you rank high because you have chosen the right keywords, the ranking you have might disappear in the snap of a finger if you are using just basic SEO methods.

3. Forgetting Local Search Optimization

Many websites are open for a specific location and a limited region. But sometimes website owners forget to optimize their local search on their site.

local seo services

Local search optimization is important because it helps your website appear only to local customers and not worldwide customers. Think of it like this: If you have a fast-food restaurant located in New Jersey and you have not optimized your site for a local search, you will not get the desired customers do you want (customer is located in New Jersey).

Including regional keywords in your headings, meta-descriptions, adding an address and phone number will make your website show up in your local area.

4. Not Using Image Tags

As well as you want your content to be ranked on search engines you want your images to rank also. To better understand that think of when you go to the Google section and press on images. A bunch of images shows up out of nowhere.

This is because other website owners have used image tags on their images so they can rank in a search engine as well. This kind of strategy will give you more views and more users clicking on your website.

But it is important to know the type of alternating text you will add on your image. It is recommended to add keywords to your image tags. But avoid using keywords on images they are useless to use in.

5. Duplicated Content

If the same content appears on your website then search engines cannot decide what content to put out there. In many cases, websites that have duplicated content are often not even listed in the search results. Duplicate content appears in many forms and here is ways to avoid them:

  • Homepage duplication. Some websites might mistakenly have duplicate versions of their homepage. This sets search engines to be confused on deciding what the best URL for your website is. If this happens the chances of your ranking highly are very low.
  • Webpages having the same content. If you copy-paste another website content and upload it as yours, Google will indicate this as a problem. Google might even close your website if you do such a thing.

When you upload content on the Internet make sure it is original and does not have too many similarities or plagiarism with another webpage. You can find out if your content has any plagiarism with a tool called Copyscape.

6. Poor Internal Links

Internal links are one of the most important elements when it comes to SEO. The most common mistake website owners make is having poor internal link structure.

Your website might have quality content that is worthy to rank, but unless you fix some internal links that have problems, there will come a time where your website will start having problems. Internal links are useful for your website because of these factors:

  • Sorting out pages completely by catchphrase improve content.
  • Spreading power to website pages covered intensely on your webpage.
  • Imparting your most significant website pages to internet searcher crawlers.
  • Giving clear pathways to transformation pages.
  • Giving extra perusing or intuitive material for clients to devour on your site.

7. Not Studying Keyword Research

When finding keywords that you need to put and mention on your content or website, you should study which are best to use. The best keywords to use are linked according to two very important factors which are:

  1. Relevance
  2. Popularity 

keyword research

You should always use keywords that are relevant to the nature of your blog or website. This will help Google crawlers understand what your website is all about and rank it in the right place.

When it comes or the popularity of the keyword you are willing to use, you should always check on how much it is googled by users. The more a keyword is used the better it is for you to use it on your content.

There are a lot of keyword research tools you can use to find the right keyword for your website. 


These are the most popular SEO mistakes to avoid of 2020. Everyone needs to watch out from these mistakes as preventing them will save you a lot of time effort and lower the risk of you not appearing on a search engine. 

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