6 SEO Myths and Facts You Must Know

Search engine optimization can be rather confusing when you get into it. It is always evolving and improvising based on how the internet works. What makes website owners confused is the information they get on SEO. Where some information is based on myths and not facts.

These myths are not exactly false claims on how SEO works, but rather assumptions of other website owners on what can work. That is why we are here to help you by listing 6 SEO myths and facts so that you can make it possible for you to manage your website even better. 

SEO Myths And Facts


1. SEO Zombie-like Myths

Zombie myths are known to the SEO world as myths that are proven to be a lie over and over again by people who try them out and also by experts. But for some reason, people keep claiming that they do work.

This makes them float around the internet, without any good intention. These SEO myths are what leave website owners confused.

It is hard for them to choose what is best for their website. You need to understand that not every information you read on the internet is a true claim about how SEO works. A true example of that is the zombie SEO myths.

Even though experts try to kill them and prove that they are worthless information, they still never seem to die.

2. Content is All You Need

This message has been floating around the internet for as long as SEO was invented. Many articles continue to include this myth even to this day. What you need to understand is that this is not 100% false.

What is false is how people tend to inform website owners on how content is all you need. When posting content, an intermediate website owner has enough knowledge to know that most of the time content and links are inseparable.

That is the reason you do not just need content, you need both content and links. There is no way one will work without the other for the long term, so that’s the reason why you need to start with link building or use link building services.

If you post without any links you should not expect users to find you, no matter how interesting and how much you tried to create quality content.  

3. One Broken Link Will Not Affect Your Website

You need to understand that Google sees and investigates your whole website. If you are spotted with a broken link here and there, google would get notified that your website isn’t being managed the way it should be.

This will impact you negatively as you will get ranked lower and also you might even get wiped out from the Google page.

If you have difficulty fixing broken links then many programs can help you do that. One of them is the Moz crawl test. You can use this program to help your site not get neglected. 

4. Page Speed isn’t That Important. Quality is!

There is a big part of us that wants to believe this. Although it’s not completely false, page speed is more important than you might expect. Although, even if you can create the most quality content out there, people have no time to wait 20 seconds for your site to open.


So what users do is that they leave your page without even opening it and go to your competitor’s page. This is a loss for you and if speed wasn’t that important this kind of thing would not happen. When I regulated site loading speed by 60% I found out that I increased traffic drastically.

I do not mean that a four-second loading time switched to a two-second loading time will increase your traffic. What I mean is if you have a very negative loading page speed. For example, a 23-second side loading speed.

If you turn this into a five-second side loading speed you will likely get an increase in traffic and revenue.

5. The More Often You Put A Keyword The Higher You Will Rank

There was a time when the more often you put a keyword in a text the likely it was to rank in the first place. But some website owners found a smart way to rank number one on Google without even putting that keyword inside the readable text.

They used stuffing white texts at the end of the content for their ranking purposes. But Google was not as ignorant so it changed its policies quickly. Keywords could no longer be placed in high density. They need to be placed in a smart way inside the text without making it too obvious to the reader. 

But still, many contents out there continue to say that the more times you put a keyword inside a text the better the optimization of the content will be. This is now considered a myth and not a fact.

What is true though is that when writing content you need to use 20 to 50 keywords inside of it (depending on how long your text is) for it to have a possibility to rank high on Google. One single keyword should be mentioned throughout the text for up to seven times per 1000 words.  

6. Follow the tactics that big brands use in SEO

A lot of small local sites these days are following the tactics that brands like Adidas Costco use. This is because of a thought that if the tactics work for them, in the long run, it must work for everyone.

This is not true. It is just what our parents used to say: if your friend would jump off a cliff would you do it too? That is the same for this situation.

If another big brand website does something for its benefit, it will most likely work for them because it has already gained popularity. This copy tactic will lead you to not only waste your time but in some cases also waste your money.

The explanation behind this is because these other companies have different clients and these different clients have different intentions and desires based on what they want to see. For example just because Instagram users in Infinite scroll does not mean that you should implement it on your website also.

So do not ever copy off of big brand websites. Instead, find out what best works for you while trying different things.


When studying how search engine optimization works best for your website you need to also keep in mind that some information out there might not be explained clearly, even though it might be false.

This will lead you to do things wrong and managing your website while keeping in mind false information. The best thing to do is to also gather information on whether these claims are true or not.

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