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SEO vs PPC – Which One Is Better For You & Your Business?

Marketing your business and ranking up your website either takes a lot of time or money. There is no other option. The basic difference between SEO vs PPC is the cost of it. 


SEO takes time. Optimizing your website nowadays is becoming more frequent because of it giving organic traffic free of charge. The major downside of this is that it takes time. Imagine if you take a seed and plant it. You have to take care of it until it flourishes into a flower, that’s finally the moment when you will see the results. 


While PPC or better known as paper clip advertisements costs money and has immediate results. The saying “time equals money” is true when choosing SEO or PPC. But the question still stands on which one is better and will give more long-lasting results.


Well, this is a tricky question when it comes to the success of your business. That is why we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of both SEO and PPC and the reason you should use them both. 


SEO Marketing Strategy

seo marketing


The most important thing you need to remember if you are considering using SEO is that it will take a lot of time. 


1. It takes a lot of time to master. 

If you want to do everything by yourself, it will take a lot of practice for you to learn how to fully and successfully optimize your page. Out of all the articles written about it, SEO is not about putting keywords in the right place and creating an easy to use the website. 

SEO is like a game of chess. You need quite some time to learn all of its strategies and learn how to use it to compete against your competitors. 


Although because it takes so much time to create such skill, most fell into the hands of professionals to optimize their pages for them.

This is where SEO starts costing money. Professionals will charge you based on their experience, so some might be a handful when it comes to payment. 


2. It takes time into seeing results

Even though you might think you are doing everything that is possible in order to perfectly optimize your page, it will still take a considerable amount of time to see results. The positive side here is that this method is a very good way to achieve organic traffic which will be a benefit in the long run.


Advantages of SEO


Good ROI: If you are laid back and have the patience to do things yourself, the return of the investment for using SEO marketing strategy will be way higher than your other competitors. 

It is estimated that using this marketing strategy will give you a 15 higher chance of getting more website clicks than other competitors.


If you have a localized business this strategy will be on your best advantage due to the fact that this kind of business does not have such a wide range of competition. 


Learning a High-Income Skill: The time that is needed to learn SEO can be long and require patience. Sometimes this advantage has been also seen as a disadvantage. But learning SEO means that you are learning a skill from which you can profit from. 


After mastering SEO, selling your skill online for other businesses that want to boost their website through SEO will bring you quite a considerable profit. 


Get Long Term Results: Using SEO as a marketing strategy brings you slow results with long term success. If you use this strategy consistently for about six months up to a year you will be able to keep your ranking on search engines either standard (not going lower) or make your page rank higher. 


Good Marketing Strategy for Branding:  If you are a brand that sells a service then SEO marketing strategy is the way to go. First, you have to understand that people search for services they need to buy on the web. Providing educational content for what your services provide and having them ranked up on search engines are a big plus.


On average a potential customer has to come over your website over seven times for them to build trust and finally making a purchase. SEO ranks up your page to be visible by potential customers, which grows your overall revenue.

SEO for your business


Disadvantages of SEO


Hard to master: Being an SEO expert doesn’t really mean just doing the basic link building and keyword research. There are other skills that are needed like HTML and CSS skills. Not including all the other technical skills you need a master if you really want to do this alone. Skills like indexing, sitemaps, redirects, URLs, multiple language issues and much more. Links are getting harder to obtain throughout time.


If you are looking to find a marketing strategy without investing any money there are a lot of personal skills and content creation skills that you need to improve. Sometimes all of this can be overwhelming. 


There are even such categories as content creating and technical SEO that need to be mastered in order to be successful. Mastering all of this can be hard but being patient will surely give results


It is hard to scale: If you are deciding to get into this alone it is not that quite simple. Being active and posting many articles in a week tends to bring more traffic. But you can only do so much in a day. Being really active and publishing quality articles needs editors, a content marketing team and hundreds of articles. In this way, the results show off.


Low security: Google is constantly changing algorithms. This means that if your site doesn’t meet Google’s algorithms it might drop its rankings. 


If you use this marketing strategy the wrong way, like getting involved with black hat SEO strategies, or not constantly uploading content your site might even get removed from the search engine. For your site to have a possibility to be successful you need to stick to google guidelines. 



PPC Marketing Strategy


If your e-commerce store or you are selling a product then the pay per click marketing strategy is a new advantage. People that are pro SEO sometimes blame the PPC strategy for costing too much money and being less efficient.


The truth is that the claims are false and PPC is a Great Way to promote your website to others. If PPC would not have been that successful it would not be on our lists as a great marketing strategy and people would not continue buying it like they’re doing now.



Advantages of PPC


Instantly see results: If your landing page is decent then the PPC marketing strategy can make you see results right away. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you have your contact and phone number visible on your page. 


Depending on how much the competition for what you have posted is, the higher the pay for this method is going to be. It is important to understand that factors such as the quality of your contact and the eye-catching us of your titles are really important to get even more clicks. Ranking on top with this method is way faster than even the best SEO strategy out there.


It is easier to learn: The PPC method still inquires about learning. It cannot be learned overnight but it is much way simpler than SEO. Everything is about proper campaigns and if optimized for a few months you’re kind of good to go. 


Using the PPC method also gives you an extra hand from google employees that help you set your campaigns. There are also some more in-depth tweaks that you have to learn about your campaigns to improve them. Practising PPC will make you a master at it in no time.


No uncertainty: If you want to scale up, even more, you just pay more money. The only thing that you need to worry about is to put more trending keywords on your content. You can simply just make a bigger budget out of what you’re willing to pay and then in no time you can become overpowering. 


You can frustrate any competition that you have. The other good thing is that you don’t need to fear any updates that are done by Google. That is because the updates are not secret and I’ll give it to you upfront. You will know clearly what is allowed to be shown on ads and what is not. Using the strategy will also get you to support by Google search engine itself.

pay per click marketing


Disadvantages of PPC            


Like everything else out there, PPC has its own cons that come along with it. But this depends on how much is your net profit after an online sale. Because you cannot afford to pay $0,98 per sale if you get paid only $1,5 for it. Anyway here are some of the disadvantages of PPC.


You Pay For Every Single Click: You cannot profit if you don’t put actual money into this marketing system. The moment you stop paying is the moment that you stop earning and you start losing traffic.


You Don’t Earn Much From It: People tend to buy more from things that are genuinely promoted from other websites or are on the number one of the search engine results page, then from ads. The earning from PPC might be lower than from organic marketing even if you pay for it.


Less Control On Your Audience: PPC doesn’t give you much control over your audience which is probably the biggest downside that this technique has. You might get to choose who sees your ad geographically and interest-based, but not who clicks on it. 




Both SEO and PPC are good marketing strategies and they each have their pros and cons. When it comes to using them it’s a matter of choice. There are people out there who like to do SEO and want to slowly grow their website through organic traffic and there are people who want to promote their content to as many people as possible.

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