The Best SEO Tools for 2020

Becoming a master at SEO is very hard. It takes a lot of practice and time in order to master the art of SEO and be able to rank up websites easily. It just doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye. For most of the copywriters out there, you probably already know what I am talking about. The first time that a person hears about SEO immediately gets confused and thinks about the CEO, (which is totally unrelatable).

I remember the first time that I heard about SEO, and I started wondering to myself what in the world it could be. Then I started researching it and I found out that it has to do with the search results and it is the best practice to actually get organic traffic to your website. Now, after years of practice, I am proud to say that I am in the way of mastering SEO, (and I do not confuse it with CEO anymore). As a result, I’ve decided to start an SEO agency.

But when you just start out you get so confused and don’t actually know where to base your SEO knowledge or what tools to use for SEO. I remember when I first started out and I had no clue what tools to use. So just to help you guys a little bit, in this article, I am going to include the best SEO tools for 2020. I really hope I can help you find what best works for you.

9 Top SEO Tools


1. Yoast SEO

This is the very first plug-in that I used to learn the basics of SEO. When I got to work for the first time on WordPress that is when I was introduced to Yoast SEO. I kept doing my research and found out more about it. I started understanding what SEO does and how it can be used to get more organic traffic. 

Yoast SEO is basically a WordPress plug-in that helps you optimize your content when you are writing on WordPress. It has all these buttons that are red when your content is not optimized and it gives you guidelines as to what you should do to optimize your content. Yoast SEO also involves the metadata of the content that you are creating. And a big part of the role for the buttons to turn green is played by the metadata. 

Yoast SEO teaches you how to properly edit the meta description or it lets you know if you have not included any outbound or inbound links in your content.

So it is basically like a regulator that warns you when your content is not fully optimized for SEO. But they also have their own website where you can find things such as courses and questionnaires where you can learn the basics of SEO and a lot more.

2. Ahrefs

Despite the weird name that this company has it is the best SEO tool out there. It has, of course, a subscription fee, but the value that it provides is absolutely amazing. When I first started out using Ahrefs, I would watch at their YouTube videos on their official channel and get so much information out them.

But when it got to a point where the information that I had needed to be put into practice, I decided to buy into their subscription. Ahrefs, as of the best SEO tools, offers so many great things. This website is the second largest crawl website after Google, meaning that it has bots going around the internet looking for websites to index. So implementing what they teach at their website is crucial for your website.

3. Google Search Console

How do you know that your website is indexed and how do you understand if there is something more you can do to rank up your website? An SEO tool such as the Google Search Console lets you do all of this. Once you get to register and verify your website on Google Search Console then you are on.

google search console

You will get to see how many pages from your website have been indexed and more details that will show you what you need to know about SEO. You can easily use all of this information to improve the performance of your website and up your ranking of the search engine result page.

4. SEMRush 

If you are looking to compare your website with those of the competitors in order to check what you can do better and what you can improve, this is the perfect tool to do it. SEMRush allows you to search for statistics for other websites and not only. You can search for the most popular keywords and see what better works for you. 

This tool also allows you to check your ranking live. So you can always keep an eye on your website while you also look at your website’s performance. 

5. KWFinder

If you still don’t know which are the best keywords for your website, then KWFinder will help you get a better clue. Keywords are like the bread of SEO and you just cannot rank up without them. This tool will help you decide on the most popular keywords and at the same time look up at their performance and how they would go on your website.

You can use specific keywords for a service or product that only you provide or you can try to use something more generic. The importance of the matter is including the right number of keywords and knowing how to put them. This is another thing this tool allows you to do. You get to check on phrases and see how the keyword would suit better in those phrases. If you need someone to help you with this, we provide keyword research services, so feel free to contact us.

6. Siteliner

You don’t want to put the same content twice throughout your website, because number one it makes you look lazy and number two it makes crawlers pick that up as a bad thing. You don’t know whether you have duplicate content or not on your website because you may accidentally put it there.

Siteliner helps you analyze your website so you can know if you have duplicate content or not. Once you have identified the duplicate content you can replace it with new content. This will give the chance to crawlers to index your website again and rank it higher than you already are. 

Google punishes you if you have the same content on your website as other websites. It is called plagiarism and search engines do not like it at all. Siteliner also helps you identify things such as broken links or images which might actually affect the user experience for the worse. 

7. SEO Spider

SEO Spider is a great Screaming Frog tool for crawling your website and making sure that there are no broken pages or links there. What this tool is really good at is comparing your website to your competitor’s website so that you know what points of your website you can improve in order for you to have a better chance at ranking.

Most of the experts out there just love to use this tool and they leave only good reviews about it. Maybe it has something to do with the speed that this tool can work. It is absolutely amazing and it can give you results quicker than anything else out there. It is an awesome tool for crawling your website also and making everything much easier for you. 

It has a free version and a paid version. The free version has basic features and it can crawl up to 500 URLs. The paid version offers free support and a lot of advanced features that are needed to have a successful website.

8. Majestic SEO

Backlinks are crucial not only for the ranking of your website but also for its wellbeing too. It can show you links between your website and another and it can help you find outer links that might bring you a lot of traffic. But remember, that linking other websites is about quality. 

You cannot just link a website because it has a large following but it doesn’t quite have to do with the topic that you are trying to make your public understand. You have to be aware of that fact when you decide to use a tool such as Majestic SEO. It has no Google Analytics integration but it includes some cool features such as a bulk backlink checker. People might not really prefer it but I think it’s one of the best.

9. Moz

Lastly, this is one of the most recommended tools from experts. Despite the fact that Google changed its algorithm, this tool still kept providing quality service with precise crawling and one of the best keywords recommendation system that is out there. As for 2020, Moz is one of the most used tools and a lot of people are more than satisfied with the results that they are able to get from it.


It can tell you to include a specific keyword to a page title or maybe add a keyword to an image alt text. It gives you specific advice about SEO which actually works.


So, in conclusion, these are some of the best SEO tools for 2020. I use them all and I have some favorites amongst them. Let us know if they work for you and which ones are your favorites. 

Or let us know if you know any other tool that is not included on this list which may work better for you. SEO is always fun especially when you get to see some results. When you see your website ranking up, that is when you know that you have done excellent work.

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