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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

As time passes technical SEO and artificial intelligence bond stronger together. In 2020, most organizations are seeing the positive impacts they get from using artificial intelligence applications. As time goes by artificial intelligence will play a huge role in the advancement of SEO.

Experts that have been trying to see what are the benefits of mixing artificial intelligence with SEO have noticed that SEO has improved in the aspect of keyword research. This means that in the following years SEO will advance so much due to artificial technology.

Professionals claim it will most definitely be possible that artificial intelligence will control SEO completely in the future. And all the websites that are not technically sound will lose their search engine rankings and views. 

This machine learning tool is improving and updating constantly. Professionals that are experts in the SEO world need to understand what actually is the benefit of artificial intelligence regarding SEO. 

artificial intelligence and seo

How Artificial Intelligence impacts SEO?

In the year 2015 Artificial intelligence started playing a major roll on search engine optimization and search algorithms. With the help of artificial intelligence search algorithms now perform results of search engines.

Google launched the Rankbrain in the same year. It is a tool that is powered by artificial intelligence. Its purpose is to use learning in order to crawl posted content and understand the meaning of them. In order to do this, Rankbrain views and learns what the users of google search engine behaviours are from reading certain content.

It indicates if the user was satisfied by clicking on the content or not. After combining the quality and information the content holds with the satisfaction of the user who reads it is able to choose if the content is worthy or not to rank high on search engines.

How AI Improves Technically Sound Websites?

A lot of factors affect how your website ranks on Google search engines. Factors such as the time that is spent on that site, bounce rates, analytical website data, engagement rates, amount of pages reviewed by one person and more. Even on the terms of which content has the most information, the one that holds the most high-quality valuable information ranks higher in search engines.

Informative content gets ranked higher due to influencing more people for what they are searching for on search engines. Big search engines like Google are using artificial intelligence to indicate which website is more useful and which one is irrelevant. They use artificial intelligence that seems to imitate human behaviour.

This makes it easier to get the data from websites and rating them from highest to lowest by ranking them on the search engine pages. These days the sites that you are witnessing winning in terms of ranking are the sites with great usability metrics. That is why it is very important for websites to upload quality and informative content for users.

Thanks to artificial intelligence SEO is becoming more advanced by giving search engine users the Information they need as fast as possible. Website owners that have opened their website in the early days of SEO understand clearly that it has changed so much for the past few years. The old days where you could just stuff as many keywords as possible on the content and then later upload it are completely gone.

Now the main focus of search engine crawlers is to see if the website is producing enough quality content that would be able to satisfy its users. That leads to websites having a need for quality writers that can do in-depth research for them according to the topic of the content.

SEO Tools That Get Powered From AI

Market brew

This is an SEO tool that is controlled by artificial intelligence. Its purpose is to find why a competitor’s website is ranking more than another on the results pages of search engines. 

This too also predicts where are you will be your ranking at on search engines even before you are able to know. 

Even though the tool runs with artificial intelligence, it is very important that professionals that have the competency and skills use this too effectively in order to grow your website. You need to make sure that the website you were using is correctly configured on the technical side. This makes your website benefit from using artificial intelligence in modern days and most importantly in the future.


HubSpot is another tool that uses artificial intelligence. It works by using machine learning to indicate themes that search engines use in order to get a hold of your content.

The two also have useful suggestions for content topics you can use for your desired niche. It also tells you what keyword is the most used by your competitors. HubSpot helps you a lot in creating a strong SEO skill. It can also be used for social media marketing and web analytics. 

Market muse

This powered artificial intelligence SEO tool makes it possible to optimize your website and also rank higher by boosting the quality of the content you upload on your website.


We are entering the artificial intelligence world without even noticing it. It is affecting SEO for the best and making sure that all websites have an equal inspection before they are able to rank on search engines. The only thing you should stay updated on is how artificial intelligence is changing the world of SEO in order for you to improve your Search engine optimization skills and methods.

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