10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best for SEO

Did you know that WordPress is responsible for keeping active 34% of the web? Ever since WordPress was released in 2003, it has been providing users with an amazing interface. But what makes WordPress stand out from the other platforms? As we know, there are a lot of platforms out there that help you set up your website or start your own online business. 

Yet, WordPress seems to be toping all of them. The company just updated its software this past November to WordPress 5.3 and it has been downloaded more than 8 million times. People like to work with this CMS. But why? Well, here are 10 reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for SEO.

Why you should use WordPress for your SEO business?

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1. WordPress Is All About User Experience

WordPress offers a vast variety of themes and plugins that when you combine them, you can make a user-friendly, professional website with a unique look. Visitors love the experience that they have while using a WordPress site. They stay longer on your website, giving you higher results on the dwell time and decreasing the bounce rate.

A part of Google’s criteria to rank up for SEO is user-experience. Google rewards those websites that provide a great user experience. This is why WordPress is the best CMS for SEO and particularly important for ranking.


2. Attractive Permalinks

One of the most important things that attract users and visitors and not only, are the permalinks of your website. When a user wants to copy a permalink from your website, they don’t want it to be three rows long full of meaningless characters. They want something simple that they can even type themselves and find the page that they are looking for.

WordPress allows you to edit your permalinks and make them more attractive for visitors. You can also add more value and information to you permalinks for the people that just skim through the internet. This way your permalink can catch their eye. This also helps your website with ranking. 


3. Metadata Is Easy To Manage On WordPress

Things such as meta-description and the SEO title determine how search engines will crawl your website in their index. They tell a crawler to understand what your web pages are about this way your website has a chance of ranking up. 

Adding an important keyword to your metadata is crucial for your website to appear on the search result page. WordPress helps you through Yoast SEO plugin which is specially designed for metadata. The plugin allows you to do all the necessary editing and points out where you need some fixings. 

Once you are done, your metadata work will feel like it was nothing.


4. WordPress Has the Simplest Image Optimization for SEO

Images are very important details to your website. Image a website that uses a few to no images at all. It would be very boring right? They make reading more interesting and even help the reader to break down better the storytelling. 

But images are not only used to make your website look better. They are also very useful for SEO. WordPress makes it much easier for you to use images to rank up in the search result page. 

One of the things that WordPress lets you do with the images that you put on your articles or blogs, is the alternative text.

You can add your keyword in the alternative text of the image and then describe the context of the image in a few words, so this way the crawlers will pick it up. 

WordPress also allows you to automatically create the alternative text for your images through a plugin. This means that you don’t even have to do all that work in involving the keyword and everything else.


Another thing very important for SEO is website loading speed. WordPress allows you to resize your images to make sure that they load faster.


5. WordPress Helps Users with Fast Loading Time

If there is one thing that frustrates not only visitors and users but also crawlers is a website that takes a lot of loading time. It is never something good for your website to load slowly because simply put, people don’t have any time to waste. They want to see what they came there to see and move on.

WordPress has all of these great plugins who do a great job to keep your site speed up to date and make sure that your users are not getting any slowdown messages now and then. 

Low loading time can damage your position on the search engine page results. That’s because the bouncing rate would be higher and crawlers would have a difficult time indexing your website to search engines. This is one of the best reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for SEO. Because loading time is a high importance criterion for SEO and WordPress provides it.


6. WordPress Is Mobile Friendly

Did you know that up to 90% of internet users nowadays are mostly mobile internet users? That being said, Google along with other search engines, appreciate mobile internet users more than pc users. That is why one of the criteria that these search engines have to rank up your website is mobile-friendliness.


A WordPress website is mobile friendly on most of the cases. You don’t need to do anything to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly as long as you are using WordPress as your CMS. Visitors coming to your website will be more than glad about the whole experience and web crawlers will count your website and one that is worthy of indexing. 

Once your website is up there, then you can start getting your position on the search engine result page where most of the traffic you are looking for will come from. Remember that mobile-friendliness is crucial if you want your website to survive.


7. Combine Your Campaign With Social Media

One of the biggest platforms where you can promote your website or your content is social media. But did you know that with a little success in your social media campaign you can affect somehow your SEO ranking through the help of WordPress?

At first, you publish great informative content on your website. Then you share and you link your content on social media. Your followers on social media start seeing the content that you are putting out. Through consistent interactions, your content and brand gain more credibility. Crawlers index your website higher and more visitors see your website on the search engine result page.


8. Specifically, Target SEO Through Plugins

Probably the best thing about WordPress is having plugins that are specific about SEO. WordPress is serious about SEO and will help you get the best out of it. Once you install the right plugins on WordPress then you will start to see more results on your website.

Plugins such as Yoast SEO which focuses on the keywords and metadata and also helps you identify how you can optimize your content for SEO. Yoast SEO is also great for authority links and images as it lets you know what you should and should not do to have everything set up. 

Another great plugin is Google XML Sitemap.

You don’t have to go through all of the difficult procedures of creating a complicated XML site map that can trace back to the crawlers. This plugin allows you to do this automatically. So every time you post something, it lets the search engines now that your website was updated and can be indexed again.


9. WordPress Can Easily Integrate With Other Softwares

WordPress is very user-friendly but it is also very software friendly. It is simple for WordPress to integrate with tools such as Google Analytics and so on. But this is not the only tool that WordPress can integrate with. If you are looking to have an eCommerce website and you want to have your landing pages then you can use WordPress with ConvertKit

If you are looking for your weekly newsletter and send it to your subscribers than G Suite will do the work just fine and keep you up to date with the emails and visitors spreadsheets.


10. SEO Friendly Themes

The theme that your website is made of is very important for SEO. If the website has a generic design and looks pretty much like every other website out there then chances are that you are going to get lost in the huge world of the internet.

You need to have a unique website and WordPress makes sure to give you the proper tools to do so. On WordPress, you can find SEO friendly themes that can help you rank up your website. This benefit is not offered by every CMS out there and most of them offer only complex themes that are not so SEO friendly but focus more on the design.



WordPress is the best CMS for SEO for the reasons mentioned above and many more. It is great for starters and it is even more great for those that already know how to use the software. With some practice, you can get better at it but all that I can say so far is that WordPress is truly one of the best companies out there to provide this service.

There are other CMS out there but just not as good as WordPress. Some of them focus on SEO and others focus on themes, but the uniqueness of WordPress is that it involves all of them.

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