Frequently Asked Questions

Just the speed with which time seems to pass these days leads us to often forget that online marketing is a pretty new thing. An always-evolving pretty new thing on top of that. Strategies that worked swimmingly last year might be on their way out next month. And it doesn’t stop.

Not just some people, but actually the vast majority of the people have zero clues about online marketing. Even fewer of them have ever heard of SEO and all that it entails. In short, most are likely to have many questions about it.

That’s why we’ve gathered here the most frequently asked questions related to SEO. Dispel any doubts about you have about the new way of advertising.

1. What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the way towards catering to the online search engine sensibilities. Thus, reaping the reward of getting on their good side: a higher place in the search engine results.
What that means is an increase in prospects coming from all over the internet directly to you. A proper SEO agency helps to not only acquire more visitors but to convert them into paying customers. A result that can only be beneficial to any kind of business across every industry.

2. Why Do I Need SEO For My Business?

Strictly speaking, you don’t. But you also don’t exactly need traditional advertising either to provide your service. But you do need it to expand your customer base. SEO is nothing but a way to drive an unbelievable amount of prospects that are likely to buy from you. All through leveraging the power of search engines on your business’ favor. 

3. Who Do We Work With?

We mostly cater to small and medium businesses looking to finally crack the code of getting an online presence. All of which we’ve managed to successfully establish a solid online foothold for with increasing clientele.

4. How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

Our prices vary from service to service, client to client, and the industry as well. Rest assured, we are an affordable service provider that takes care of the needs of the little and big guys equally. 

5. Do We Guarantee Success?

In time, yes. SEO does not happen in one week. It is a long process that gradually results in the coveted online growth. But when it hits, it hits big, and your bottom line will be a testament to it. So, to reassure, yes, DoFollow Media does not know what giving up means, we only do success. 

6. Does SEO Work for Every Site?

Yes, search engine optimization is possible for any kind of site as long as its contents and subject matter are legal. 

7. How Long Does It Take to See Results From SEO?

Result times for every project vary in function of its extent, requirements, and specific industry. Get in touch with us to get a rough assessment and timeline for you to start seeing results.

8. I Have A Local Business and Most of My Customers Are Within 10-20 Miles of My Business, Do I Need SEO Services?

Yes. Specifically, you need local SEO services. These differ almost entirely from regular SEO services but can take place together or individually. Local SEO optimization puts a laser-focus in showing your business any time someone from your area searches your services. Learn more here.

9. What If I Need Just The Link Building Services?

No problem. We also do just outreach and link building campaigns for a few clients, so if you are looking for link building services let us know.

10. Why Should I Hire An SEO?

Simply put, search engine optimization is hard, long, and gruelling work. It requires fluency in a lot of digital-related fields along with content creation and media in general. Does that sound like something you can learn watching some YouTube videos? Better leave it to the pros. 

DoFollow Media has already 10+ years’ worth of experience in providing businesses with outstanding improvements in their online presence. To say that we know our trade falls short. 

We know not only our trade but the specific aspects of optimizing the ranking for many clients across many industries. 

And our portfolio of success just keeps growing. DoFollow Media is an international SEO agency that guarantees to elevate your online presence and profits. 

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