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Become an Authority

DoFollow Media’s link building services are here to let everyone know of your expertise in the online world. Through precise use of our very own link building techniques, your site becomes recognized as an authoritative source.

Credibility sells, offline as well as online. Just like in real life, it pays to be a trustable source of information. Authoritativeness, otherwise known as trust, is a pivotal factor search engines use to rank just how high you appear on its results. Employing our link building strategy pays handsomely.

Linking You. Building You

Technical jargon aside, our link building services’ aim is to have the right established sites on your industry place links to yours. The proper links from the proper sites instantly elevate your standing with the search engine’s algorithm. This due to recognition by peers that are an authority that makes you one by association.

The relation between link building and SEO consists of a delicate balance, neither too little but definitely not too much. That’s why our link building strategy calibrates each link’s inclusion to fit perfectly into the content that features it.

Furthermore, the link will land into the precise piece of content on your site that seamlessly blends with the sites’ that linked it. Tailoring the placing by considering both ends of the link is one of the central tenants of DoFollow Media’s own link building technique. We build your links, we built your authority.

Reaching Out for You

Putting up a site and promoting it through social media is one thing. Directly reaching out to the big players in any industry asking them for a favor is a whole different game. Please, don’t try it yourself, one tactless move and they might shut the door on your face, forever. Here, it pays to have a professional link building service.

Our 10+ years of experience allowed us to actually build links of our own with friends in high places. One good link building strategy? Knowing exactly who to call to get the ball rolling and, as your professional link building service, DoFollow Media makes the call for you. Leave it to our link building techniques to link you up to the right place.

Networking? No, Direct Working.

No More Cold Outreaches.

Our Link Building Strategy Puts You at The Top of the Right People’s Lists.

What’s in It for You?

Quality Links

There’s a good way for link building strategy and that’s the only one we follow. Your links by us will only be legit.

Higher Ranking

A set of carefully placed, relevant links tells the search engine all about the quality of your site.

Organic Traffic

Guess what? Linking building techniques directs part of the linking site’s audience to yours, with high chances of conversion. And that is in addition to the traffic from your higher search engine ranking.

Rank. Convert. Profit.

Enhance all of that with DoFollow’s link building service.

Why Do You Need A Link Building Strategy?

Search engines are picky things, and they are getting pickier and smarter each day. By employing a software bot known as a ‘crawler’, the search engine can read the content of hundreds of sites in a matter of seconds. Their crawlers are thorough, by the way, they don’t miss a spot.

The crawler not only crawls and reads the whole content of the site, but it also follows the links placed there. Well, only the positive links. The on-page SEO code will tell it if it is a ‘no-follow’ link or a ‘do-follow’ link. The latter one tells the crawler that the link’s content is relevant and follows it. It also is our namesake!

And there is where the magic happens. If any authority site features a relevant link to yours, the crawler makes a note of that and passes it to the search engine. That instantly tells it your site might be rather important since one of the good guys linked you.

Thus, you are on track to becoming one of the good guys by association. The same thing would happen when you become an authority site and decide to help out a site that’s requesting link building. Think about it as one big, a focused networking event that actually gets you results.

How Are Link Building and SEO Related?

They are not related; they are the same thing at the end. In fact, effective link building techniques build up your site’s SEO, thus making them SEO building techniques as well. Simply put, link building is part of a comprehensive SEO strategy that will get your site to skyrocket through the search results.

Your site’ link building and SEO are one and the same. Link building techniques make up one of the most complex and coveted SEO-enhancing methods. So much complex, in fact, that few agencies can actually pull it off.

Luckily, you have just found one of the best professional link building services out there, congratulations. The pulling off of an effective link building and SEO enhancing through it is so tough that all over the internet you can find people dismissing it.

Statements downplaying the relationship between link building and SEO optimization are false. They come from lesser agencies that simply can’t hack it. Take the expert agency’s word for it, our link building services can and will optimize your sites’ search engine ranking.

What Is An Effective Link Building Strategy?

That is for us to know! ‘If you are the president of Coca-Cola, you don’t ever give up the secret formula’. Joking aside, the most effective link building strategy is the one that gets you the coveted link from the right places. Now, what actually takes to get there is not a breeze, rather, a blizzard of work.

Luckily, you won’t have to do any work at all. Just leave it to DoFollow Media and our own comprehensive link building strategy that doesn’t’ fail in getting you results. Just call us and worry not about calling anybody else for link building and SEO ever again. A link building strategy of us means lots of links towards you.

Do It Yourself Link Building Techniques

In short, there are none. You can technically try to reach out yourself to as many authority sites you have in mind that relate to your services. But please don’t. One of the fundamental link building techniques is having a special kind of tact when requesting links. It is effectively a mix of PR and online diplomacy.

Not kidding, it is that serious. Employing the wrong words does get you on the wrong side of people both in the real world and online. Even if you are the smoothest talker, silver tongue devil, and peerless charmer out there, better leave it to the professionals. That is the best out of all DIY link building techniques.

Link building Matters. What are you waiting for?

The sooner you build, the faster they’ll come.

DoFollow, we build the links clients follow straight to you.