keyword research

Do you know how your audience searches for you?

What slang do they speak?

Which words do they use?

Through them, we can increase your exposure online.


Choose the Right (Key)words

Keyword research services make sure that if you sell shovels, they will find you when looking at who to buy shovels from. That is the most simple example. But what goes behind the scenes of keyword research and optimization process is quite complex.

Words That Are the Key to Find You

Search engines use the words you input when making a query to serve you the results. So, If you want to appear to someone looking for what you are selling, better choose the proper words for it. Or, better yet, let us do it for you. The keyword research strategy of DoFollow brings clients.

The More Specific, The Better

In the keyword world, there are ‘short tail’ keywords and ‘long tail’ keywords. They make the difference between looking for ‘pizza’ as oppose that when looking for ‘vegan gluten-free pizza’. Results for both are mighty different.

Our keyword research services help you discern which terms are better for your site to rank for. This requires an extensive analysis of search data through different software tools. Thus, is better to leave the keyword research and optimization to the pros, pros like us at DoFollow Media.

What Do They Type So They Shall Find?

The keyword research strategy of DoFollow finds out.

We decipher how the audience seeks you and place you in front of them.

What’s In It For You?

Competitive Advantage

Here’s where you can show the competition online who’s boss. Choosing the right keywords puts you miles ahead of competitors and right in front of your customers.

Proper Ranking

Placing you in your rightful place high for search queries featuring the right keywords. That is what proper keyword research services are all about.

More Of The Right Prospects

At the end of the day, the keyword research strategy brings to you the people that are likely to buy from you the most. Profits are thankful for this.

We seek, we find.

Only the most profitable keywords to find you through.

The Words Are Key

Keyword research services have one goal only: to study the online search data related to your services and come up with the right words. The right keywords. But let’s back it up a minute. What it’s exactly a keyword? Simply put, it’s the set of words used when looking for something online.

Search engines base their results on the words you write on them, but you already knew that. What you didn’t know is that there are a long keyword research and optimization process to determine which combination of words you’ll appear to.

The Keyword Research Strategy

It is the job of competent keyword research services to sort through tons of searching data to find the right keywords. Comprehensive keyword research and optimization begins via a clear keyword research strategy. Which is what DoFollow’s keyword research services do for you.

If you happen to sell ice-cream for a living, would it not be nice to go out and try to rank for the keyword ‘Ice-cream’? Yes, in theory only. In reality, you are going to face tsunamis of challenges when looking to even appear close to the 10th page.

A keyword like ‘ice-cream’ is 1) too vague, doesn’t give a clear intention for the search query. And 2) Is likely to be already taken by mostly big household names in the industry spending top dollar to stay ranking high.

Don’t waste your effort, allow us, the agency with the keyword research strategy that brings results, to help you out. Our keyword research services find the right terms for keyword research and optimization process.

Intent Matters

Speaking of intent, search intent does matter a lot. With the same example, searching for ‘ice cream’ throws an ample variety of results. You might get three stores nearby, some informative articles, a homepage of a big manufacturer, and even Facebook Fanclubs.

But you wanted to know home recipes to do it yourself, so what gives? It is here that search intent plays a part in search queries and, therefore, keyword research and optimization. Specificity matters to search engines, putting ‘do it yourself ice-cream recipes’ will give the sought result.

And why is this relevant for the keyword research strategy? Easy, it is through the use of these more specific terms that a newcomer to SEO optimization can rank higher. Thus, striking out the precise terms that offer the most advantages is the key to the keyword research and optimization.

Choosing Keywords

Keywords are assets, thus, unsurprisingly, there’s quite a bit of competition to rank for them in the result pages. But it’s not a bidding war, rather, it’s a battle of wits. Competitive keyword research services do compete in the ranking by crafting the best content.

Content that takes shape around the keywords offers the best competitive advantage. And the keyword research strategy determines which those keywords are. Those keywords will be the linchpin that ties together the whole SEO strategy because of the content ensembles around them.

Thus, keyword research and optimization is the first and most important step during an SEO process. If the keyword research strategy fumbles, there goes the whole process. But that doesn’t happen with us. DoFollow Media’s keyword research and optimization are thorough.

Our keyword research services tailor the process for everything prescient to your audience. From local slang to temporal search terms depending on the time of day. There are no bases we don’t cover and zero relevant possibility that escapes us. DoFollow keyword research services handle it.